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    Hello Kemist community,

    Recently we have released Skyblock & PyroPvP and fixed some bugs on other servers on the network.

    We have released Skyblock a while ago but it's had some minor bugs that kind of didn't make players feel happy about playing, so in this update Skyblock will have another launch with new features and balanced kits and economy to make it a fair play for everyone.


    We have added some new features to towny such us Pyro Axes & Deathbringers and more legendary armor and not just that we also recreated the in game Token Shop as well.

    In this new map (6) we would like to announce that all the ranks have been changed ( Names & Kits) as long with the new crates & voting rewards and some extra features to make the gamemode more fun such as :
    supply crates, King of the Hill , Boss mobs and more .

    AntiCheat update

    All the problems and false postives has been fixed with a new ban system.

    Community update
    In the past 3 months the server had a lot of drama and such so now it's time to take care of business all the decisions made in this posts are final and will not be discussed any longer.

    AmcTwd (ex Admin )
    with all the work and help he provided to Kemist he was immature and had many issues in communicating with his fellows staff members and players so now he will be demoted to Helper without any further discussion and if this person doesn't comply to the server rules he will be permanently banned from the Network.

    Vladimir_Drago ( ex Builder/Mod/Admin )
    with all the awesome building skills he shared with us on the server he ended up being a 2 faced person that spread many lies and rumors without mentioning his previous abusive actions such as ( tping players to bases, banning players without any valid reasons and some other immature acts + abusing the power he had to his advantage in many cases, so without further ado this person has been permanently blacklisted from the Network.

    HxllywoodUndexd ( New build Team Manager)
    I would like to announce that Hxlly. will be our new build team manager as a replacement for Vladimir_Drago.

    john_carter / brugesboy ( Network Admins)
    our new network admins that has been very dedicated to the server and being able to handle situations maturely.

    and for the rest of the staff members it's will be great if you can check the NEW server rules to understand how to deal with rules breakers.

    Jarvis & Alae
    Network owners/ Staff managers



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